Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition – Advocate for Free-Roaming, Community Cats in Elkhart County

Compassionate Solutions to Feline Homelessness
Free-roaming cat colonies in 2009 – 10
Free-roaming cat colonies in 2016 – 450
We are committed to developing an effective strategy for the Permanent Reduction of Feral and Stray Cat Population in Elkhart County

  1. Are You Feeding Stray Cats? Ideas on how you can improve the lives & health of free-roaming felines, including spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations, food and shelter.
  2. Be A Part Of The Compassionate Solution to end feline homelessness. We could not provide our excellent care and service without volunteers and supporters. Become part of the Compassionate Solution to end feline homelessness.

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