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We are asking for assistance with the first phase of our “Paws on the Ground” building project, the purchase of a 3 acre parcel of land to construct a building to open a community food bank and run our operations.

The Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition, Inc. “specializes” in helping outdoor community cats.  We are raising money for our “Paws on the Ground” project, a “one-stop, one-shop” for all of your outdoor cat care needs.  From getting outdoor cats altered, to helping provide shelter, food, and medical attention, that’s our goal!

Our programs cover any cat that lives outdoors, or those that go indoor/outdoor and sets their

Paws on the Ground”

Our “POTG” is a vision, and we need your help to make it a reality.  Here’s our plan:

  1. Purchase a parcel of land – 3 acres, to construct a building.
  2. Construct a building to open a community food bank, house cats before and after surgery, and for medical holding.
  3. Construct outdoor nature enclosures for healing until cats are healthy for release back to their outdoor home.
  4. Make and carry housing for outdoor animals.
  5. Supply items for outdoor animals so they can live a healthy, long life (items such as treatments for fleas, parasites, infections, etc.).
  6. Provide transport service for animals to get to a vet for spay/neuter or injuries.

While working our TNR program for the past 8 years, we have talked to residents all across Elkhart County. We see and hear the needs of people regarding their animals, whether they are indoor, outdoor, or indoor/outdoor. Our vision and plan for our POTG project is to continually work towards helping with those needs. The first step in the project is to acquire a parcel of land suitable for our needs, and build a natural, comfortable housing facility for the animals during their stay.

Thank you for your consideration in helping us build a safe, natural environment for the outdoor felines that go through our TNR program.


Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition, Inc.


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